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The domain seosfl.com is for sale

SFL has become one of the most accepted abbreviations for South Florida, while SEO has always been the only way to abbreviate Search Engine Optimization.

If your business is offering SEO services to website owners in the South Florida area,
then seosfl.com is a domain you should consider owning.

What is the first listing for SFL on Wikipedia? . . . South Florida, the metropolitan South Florida area.
Many South Florida companies are using SFL as part of their online identities. Perhaps the largest and most well known would be WSFL-TV. This longtime local TV station originally signed on the airwaves as WDZL in 1982 before rebranding itself as WSFL-TV in 2006. WSFL-TV
The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce started using SFL for their domain in 2005 ( sflhcc.com ). This respected organization is comprised of dedicated professional individuals and businesses who have come together to advance the commercial, financial, educational and civic interests of the ever-growing Hispanic Community of South Florida.

South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
The South Florida Times is a very popular niche magazine that has maintained a loyal and active readership throughout the African American and Caribbean community for over 20 years.
In 2007 they started using SFL in their domain.
South Florida Times
Dozens of other local websites are also using SFL in their domain names, including

SFL Productions . . . video, audio, and web production solutions provider.

South Florida Chronicle . . . a very current and cool online magazine - I visit this site almost everyday.

SFL Music Magazine . . . a digital magazine for local musicians and music lovers.

The Top 5 Reasons why seosfl.com is a great domain name

#1  “.com” is by far the most widely accepted extension for a domain name.
#2  “seosfl” is short and easy to remember.
#3  The most important keyword “seo” is first.
#4  Almost everyone in South Florida is aware of the SFL abbreviation.
#5  This domain is over 2 ½ years old and is indexed on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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